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creates a home base to discover – collaborate and share music.

Bands and artists receive our promotional support for letting us showcase their sound. Expand your fan base and ours; increase your reach farther into the Musicverse

We seek out the underserved and add information and support for their projects. Fans grow with us and become super fans for your favorite groups.

We are building an Army for the musicverse; join us in supporting music and all those who serve it. Collaborators, bring your projects, information and insights.

In this way we can bring a new resource to music for any music related projects that need a new supportive community to advance their passion. Why we do this? It’s all about the MUSIC.

Help us support others, visit our music channel

We also invite entertainment professionals who wish to join us and help create a supportive Musicverse

Lend your knowledge while engaging in shameless self promotion.

Collaborators who wish to combine resources for a worthy project, will always have a home here.

Join our COLlABORATION STATION on Facebook, and let the creating begin.

Through collaborative videos and as a platform for Musician content, we offer a place to discover, share and grow your fan base, all we ask is that you help us help you, by promoting your work and us. Our goal is a supportive community resource for underserved members of the musicverse

we also support the causes hardworking musicians, bands and artisis foster throughout the musicverse.

Through people power, we hope to grow this channel into a major force.

Join us and change the World one song at a time.

Support us by collaborating, and sharing your music.

Fans bolster your favorites by liking, commenting and sharing

Musician,Artist ,Fan , Discovery, Support and promotion are awaiting you on the Blogosphere.

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We Feature bands, groups and Artists, not just from our music channel.

Liquidmusicblogosphere – Special Export General B & the WiZ – Bendy Blues

All underserved musicians are welcome to submit video and music for use to share here, and on the blogosphere Music channel.

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Please visit often as we are ever searching for exciting undiscovered entertainment.

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