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My philosophy began as Shameless self-Promotion, with the idea that People in all aspects of Music

Could help, educate, advocate and promote one another.

My focus is on the countless thousands of musicians, who work hard at their craft, and many times have to work a day job, or are just not getting what they deserve, from venues.

It is not hard to see why many bands lack promotion, because they don?t understand it, don?t believe in it, or have been taken by it.

The Music industry can grind people and groups into oblivion, which is why so many artists today are unsigned.

It is my hope to create a supportive community around the blogosphere, which will continue to build connections, and resources for the benefit of all who dedicate their lives to music, and that most American expression of sharing one?s talent to bring a little light to a dimming world.

This weblog will be in constant flux, as hopefully it will be you who helps to craft it.

Consider what you have for others and others for you, and the fallout will spread to the greater community.

To all those who teach us to sing and dance, thank you.


Please note,

On the Blogosphere, I am not charging a thing for many of the features and links that I promote.

I have partnered with other vendors, to offer items you may want or need,

and if purchases are made, derive revenue from this affiliation.

All are carefully selected, and if you have suggestions,

I will be happy to see if the product or service is available.

Also avail are T shirts and other printed gear,

that can be set up for a Band or group with supplied graphics,

from me, or your own.

Your group need a shirt ? ,

take a look at blogosphere gear, for examples

and let’s see if I can create something for you,

that will help your group generate funds.

I can open and manage your store,

or you can open your own, through our link.

So when you stop by, please browse a bit,

and see if there is anything you want or need.

It all helps to keep the lights on.

This is an ever changing work in progress

, and for those who follow now

and may in the future, I thank you.

Also If you feel that the Blogosphere is of value to you,

please donate any amount,

Even a dollar will show your support.

I am also seeking individuals to partner with me,

to morph the blogosphere into a media company,

who’s sole mission is to support Live Music,

the music community, and those

who create the tapestry of our lives.

I can’t offer money, but if things grow,

and with sponsorship,

I hope to offer jobs and challenges

for those who join me

If you are interested in Any aspect of this project,

let’s have a conversation

. D. Solomon Founder