Grow or Die

Greetings followers and believers

Welcome discovers of this on again, off again blog.

I have reached a cross roads and do not know the way ahead.

Mighty YouTube has made some changes to clean up there platform for advertisers.

Small channels like me are painted with a broad brush that forces us to compete in an unfair manner {at least for us}

I know that changes were necessary, however to force new standards on channels without grandfathering those who comply in all things, follow all the best community standards, well this just stinks.

There are some good things that have risen from this whole thing.

One of those was the benefit of playlist.

psychedelic rock playlist, click above 

I don’t believe that I can gain 800 + subscribers and maintain 4,000 hours of annual watch time in the short time left.

My focus instead has been to make changes that will improve reach and engagement for those bands, groups and artists I am trying to serve and promote.

I have been spending thousands of hours on the back end of Liquid Music Blogosphere.

There are some things I never completed or never started because I kept receiving conflicting information.

S E O or search engine optimization, I know it is important, but I am discovering it is critical.

There are a ton of companies out there who can help fix problems and improve your ranking, etc.

If you are like me, hardworking, but poor, you just can’t pay for all these experts and tools.

The catch 22 is if I am not strong in the search engines, I can’t attract musicians who need exposure and promotion.

I can’t bring my channel to sponsors who have services or goods that fans and followers need.

I can’t attract enough subscribers to reach 1.000

Question, any s e o company interested in barter for services.

I have 50’000 plus total views, and steady growth, all grown organically.

S E O confuses me, and I need to do it right, with few resources and no idea what the hell I am doing, I am my own worst enemy.

Not to mention all the other things I must do just to keep new content coming.

I do need to partner and collaborate so that we may serve each other for mutual benefit.

I have reached out time and again, got folks stated on the blog, which also needs s e o, and something comes up or they just fade away.

So the blog gathers dust, waiting for the next squirt of content.

Hard to build a following there, without consistency.

I am not whining, just facts.

So if there are some people looking for a fixer upper with loads of potential, I am all ears.

Come help me fix this, grow this to something amazing, and we together can form a company to better serve musicians who are being crushed.

Serious inquires only, if you’re in, I will work my ass off to do what I have to.

Until I am positioned to at least pay the bills, all I can offer is payment in kind.

I will help with your project, or promote anything, anywhere, in exchange for promotions e o, collaboration, I share yours, you share mine etc.

We have an amazing music community here in Minnesota.
I want to do everything I can to let the world know what we have.

I am wearing too many hats, and have to expand or die.

I would like to ask for input, subscribe, comment and share.

Contact me and if you are in the twin cities, let’s meet and see if this is of mutual interest and benefit to you.

Thanks for reading, please share this.

Douglas Solomon aka Dewglass

Please comment on this post, all feedback welcome.


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