Pay no attention

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Yes Virginia there is a Musicverse, and a Blogosphere struggling to gain speed against the Solar winds.
I had by now hoped to be launching more and more bloggers to help flesh out this blogosphere.

So far, each time I think things are taking off, the posts become inconsistent or stop all together.
I have also gotten rehashed album reviews that are not even timely.
I keep offering this platform as an extra informative and promotional space to anyone who has a need to inform or promote.
Venues, I want and need your press, events etc., just need an email and will repost as press release or event.
Ok I get it I ain’t the Rolling Stone
I do and will continue to support and promote anyone who shares content and information that benefits us all in the Musicverse.
As a producer with too many hats, I can’t advance and go forward without venue and musician support.
I truly thank those who support me on YouTube

and are beginning to support the blog.
A deeper wider collaboration is needed to advance everyone whose life is music.
Come join me in creating a Musicverse sharing army who will help create the most supportive music force known.
Pipe dream? I don’t think so.
I believe in people power, in light of our current political and cultural times, this is needed more than ever.
If we join together, we can put the neighbor back in the hood.
Music already has stepped up, time and time again to even do what the government can’t or won’t do.
We can also join together and do this for ourselves.
The vast amount of talent and knowledge out there is staggering.
Harnessed in one place, think what we all can do.
We can painlessly start by sharing video, and new songs, as well as press updates.
Got a brain full of helpful music info, share it in a blog while promoting and sharing your group and others.
Help plan and create new shows and venues that will take advantage of a great collaborative spirit we have here.
The goal of course is to bring Minnesota music and other discovered artists, to fan attention, keep everyone playing and help get their music to pay.
So I ask everyone to see what you have, and start the process.
Now, there is just a handshake involved, though, if I push your stuff hard, I want the same commitment.
Later if people power works the miracle I hope for, there will be funds for new resources, collaborative projects, and behind the scene staff as well.
That is my Holiday list and desire, I hope you contact me and we can bring everyone into the circle
Thanks for reading
Your Reluctant Blogger  DEWGLASS

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