The Reluctant Blogger strikes again

The Reluctant Blogger strikes again

Greetings readers

I am once again putting my money where my fingers are.

Well at least I am putting my fingers to the task.

This Blog was never intended to be a vehicle for me alone.

Offers have been made, accepted, and then fell by the wayside.

This has been a severe hit for this blog which never really got off the ground.

Success has been growing, on the other hand for the 

Music Channel

Viewers have steadily  increased

Current total views have reached 55’000

Subscribers, not so much – more are needed


This blog could be and will be a complement for the music channel.

The mission here is service, support, and promotion for bands, groups, artists and related services and information

What floats your boat; also raises mine and benefits us all.

Collaboration is vital, both to you and your organization, and we hope to engage your help in growing with us,

You can do a little, or engage deeper to join the blog and the channel as a supporter.

Help us create a resource for the music industry whose voices have been muffled, up to now.

Anyone diving in to help make this a worthy project may if they wish sign on and make this a project  to be proud of.

First and foremost, this is all about the music, and supporting underserved Bands, Groups and artists.

Up to now it has been mostly just me; I have volunteered and given many hours to deserving bands and projects.

To serve the musicverse better, I have to add people to the mix as collaborators.

Together we can do projects of mutual benefit.

I totally understand how the arts, music and volunteering are undervalued.

I also understand that folks need to get paid.

The only way I can achieve this is to raise funds for this project, and add value to attract sponsors.

Those of you reading this who have the skills to help put this on a footing that will be a game changer for Musician support, please consider putting your name in the hat.

As a one person operation I realize I have too many hats.

My ears are wide open for anything that moves the ball.

Feedback for this blog and the music channel are desired and welcome

I realize that there is I lot I do not know; I am mostly a creator, and a producer.

I am not complaining here, just being real.

I have always believed in people power, and if the right people connect, all things are possible.

Take a look at the music channel. Check out this blog and let me know if I am on the right track.

Please keep it positive so that I can fix problems and improve reach and resources Thanks for reading and tag your it, please share


Visit the Youtube channel here 


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